Lawn treatments

What work do we carry out?


- Sacrifying

- Aeration

- Fertilising

- Selective weedkiller

- Worm cast repellant

- Moss killer

- Chaffer bug treatment

- Overseeding

- Top dressing


How we schedule our work


We charge per treatment rather than an annual subscription, due to the fact that you cannot always carry our scheduled work due to uncontrollable factors like weather. 


Timing of works



We aim to apply a spring summer fertiliser around april time, with a second application in june/july dependant on weather. If it is too hot then we will not apply a fertiliser. A autumn fertiliser is then applied towards the end of the growing season. 



We normally scarify our lawns early spring time or late in the season when they are still growing. For one off lawn renovations we can complete anytime during the growing season dependant on the weather.



As long as the ground is soft enough we will aerate. 


Selective weedkiller

We apply this as and when and only if it is warm enough.


Worm cast repellant

In autumn time when the worm casts become active.


Moss killer

We nomrally apply this 4-6 weeks before scarifying as it will make the moss turn black and die, leaving the lawn unpleasant to look at. 


Chaffer bugs

We apply this as and when and only if it is warm enough.


Overseeeding and top dressing

We prefer to do this when the weather is warm enough for the seed to germinate. However, in severe cases we complete this before the growing season and cover the seed with germination sheets so it can germinate before the cutting season. 





Each lawn will need different treatments, so please get in touch if you have any questions and we can work together to prepare a plan that is best for your lawn. 



Lawn treatment works

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